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"One is born a Mexican American,
but one chooses to be Chicano"

gaspar enríquez

chicano artist

gaspar enriquez, Tirando Tiempo

Sandra la Cholita

Airbrushed acrylic on board,  29x41 in.
1992,  San Francisco de Young Museum

Barrio Portfolio

The images reflect a life style and an attitude dominant in the barrios. This style is identified by the style of dress, mannerism, and language. Many chicanos use a slang called calo to communicate and, when it was allowed, many developed their own sign language to communicate with loved ones incarcerated in the county jail. Standing in the streets below the jail, women would sign to their boyfriends held in cells on the upper floors. This activity no longer takes place since the windows of the jail have been covered.


Airbrushed acrylic on board 5x3 ft.

La Rosa Dolorosa de Mi Vida Loca

Mixed Media Installation 10x8x4 ft.
1995, Collection of the artist

Artist Portfolio

This series of Artist’s portraits, "De Puro Corazon" (Pure Heart), acknowledges artist whose work and dedication to that work explore new boundaries in their quest for expression. These Artists offer an intriguing mixture of styles, content, and themes that provoke questions and dialogue between the art and the viewer. I selected to paint these Artists because I admire their work and their passionate dedication to their work. As we participated in the same exhibitions I became acquainted with their lives and their passion for their work the character of their personalities began to become obvious in their work.

Jim Magee

Acrylic on Paper (airbrush),   41x29 in.
2018  Steve Santa Maria & Isha Rogers

Me Querida Madre

Airbrushed acrylic on paper  
  Collection of the artist

Public Art Portfolio

Cesar Chavez #1

Airbrushed acrylic on paper   41x29 in.
  For Book, Elegy on the Death of Cesar Chavez,published by Cinco Puntos press